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John Farrell stridepiano@tesco.net
Thu, 5 Sep 2002 17:34:00 +0100

My neighbour's wife can do mouth foghorn and launches into lengthy solos
when her husband staggers home from the pub at midnight. I'm thinking of
ramming a piece of corrugated iron down her throat so that she can do mouth
washboard too.

Send me some of that comfrey Henry, if I make it into a poultice and stick
it over her mouth maybe it will heal up.

John Farrell

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> Judy Eames <jude@judyeames.co.uk> wrote:
> > BTW, I used to do mouth trombone...... maybe we could start a band and
> > out the instruments.
> I've been learning mouth trombone.  For mouth trumpet,
> sometimes I cup my hands around my mouth, like the lead
> guy in the singing group in the movie, "The Harmonists", did.
>  (I Highly recommend the movie, by the way.  It's about an
> excellent harmony singing group of about 5-6 men that formed
> in Germany in the late 1930s -- Hitler Germany.  They were
> very popular and especially got huge ovations when the one
> guy did the mouth trumpet.)
> I also do mouth trumpet without any cup, and just do a form
> of scat with the sound coming from the back of my throat squeezed
> down.  Often we get the first real round of applause of the night
> the first time I do mouth trumpet, and after that we've broken the
> ice and people clap for other individual solos.
> For mouth trombone, I find I get the best tone when I use
> a large plastic cup-shaped device, about quart size or slightly
> larger.  the clear plastic cover that one gets when one buys a
> stack of 50 CDs works very well.
> Next time any of you come to the Washington, DC area,
> come to hear me sing and play with Orpheus Jazz Ensemble
> (a quartet) or the Blue Heaven Jazz Band.  I'm performing
> with Orpheus this Sunday, Sept 8th, from 7 to 10 PM at a
> Thai restaurant, Bangkok Blues, in Falls Church, VA, just outside DC.
> About the comfrey... I used to grow it (lost my plants through moving
> many times), and kept a few of the leaves, which get quite large,
> and their thick stems, which are filled with magical, healing,
> mucilaginous fluid, in plastic bags in the freezer, so that even in winter
> I had them on hand for emergencies.
> I once had a cold sore that had been an open, running sore
> for a couple of weeks.  I decided to try the comfrey. It suddenly
> healed over with pink new skin in three hours after I put
> on some fresh comfrey mixed with golden seal (another herb).
>     Another time,...
> I sliced the fleshy part of my finger badly with a circular electric saw,
> put on some comfrey and antibiotic, and put a Band-Aid over it
> to hold that in place.  I think it was the next day that the wound
> was sealed shut again.  If only doctors would try this for surgical
> patients.  Plastic surgeons in particular would find their patients
> able to take the bandages off sooner.  It heals cuts and wounds
> and greatly reduces formation of scar tissue.
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>  -- "MadaGasCar".)
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