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Thu, 05 Sep 2002 10:32:12 -0400

Judy Eames <jude@judyeames.co.uk> wrote:

> BTW, I used to do mouth trombone...... maybe we could start a band and cut
> out the instruments.

I've been learning mouth trombone.  For mouth trumpet,
sometimes I cup my hands around my mouth, like the lead
guy in the singing group in the movie, "The Harmonists", did.
 (I Highly recommend the movie, by the way.  It's about an
excellent harmony singing group of about 5-6 men that formed
in Germany in the late 1930s -- Hitler Germany.  They were
very popular and especially got huge ovations when the one
guy did the mouth trumpet.)

I also do mouth trumpet without any cup, and just do a form
of scat with the sound coming from the back of my throat squeezed
down.  Often we get the first real round of applause of the night
the first time I do mouth trumpet, and after that we've broken the
ice and people clap for other individual solos.

For mouth trombone, I find I get the best tone when I use
a large plastic cup-shaped device, about quart size or slightly
larger.  the clear plastic cover that one gets when one buys a
stack of 50 CDs works very well.

Next time any of you come to the Washington, DC area,
come to hear me sing and play with Orpheus Jazz Ensemble
(a quartet) or the Blue Heaven Jazz Band.  I'm performing
with Orpheus this Sunday, Sept 8th, from 7 to 10 PM at a
Thai restaurant, Bangkok Blues, in Falls Church, VA, just outside DC.

About the comfrey... I used to grow it (lost my plants through moving
many times), and kept a few of the leaves, which get quite large,
and their thick stems, which are filled with magical, healing,
mucilaginous fluid, in plastic bags in the freezer, so that even in winter
I had them on hand for emergencies.

I once had a cold sore that had been an open, running sore
for a couple of weeks.  I decided to try the comfrey. It suddenly
healed over with pink new skin in three hours after I put
on some fresh comfrey mixed with golden seal (another herb).
    Another time,...
I sliced the fleshy part of my finger badly with a circular electric saw,
put on some comfrey and antibiotic, and put a Band-Aid over it
to hold that in place.  I think it was the next day that the wound
was sealed shut again.  If only doctors would try this for surgical
patients.  Plastic surgeons in particular would find their patients
able to take the bandages off sooner.  It heals cuts and wounds
and greatly reduces formation of scar tissue.

Jazz content:
Cut Yourself A Piece Of Cake        1923 Eb Billy James
MadagaScar 1922     Eb Chris Smith & Bob Ricketts
 (French for made a ghastly scar.
  Actually, Henry Ford the 1st could have sung that last song
 -- "MadaGasCar".)

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