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Henry B. Stinson HenryStinson@BlueHeavenMusic.com
Wed, 04 Sep 2002 16:48:18 -0400

John Farrell wrote:

> Here comes the problem. the bandleader has asked me to wear black pants,
> black shoes and white short-sleeved shirt. All this week I have been pruning
> my rambler roses which have grown almost 20 feet tall, resulting in deep
> scratches on my arms which look suspiciously like a junkie's needle track
> marks. My good reputation is important to me - what do I do?

John, you could use coverup makeup on your arms if you could
get a kind that will not come off easily.  Otherwise it will be all
over your shirt and pants.  Come to think of it, that's not a good
solution, because you can't help but get that stuff on your clothes,
and I know that theatre makeup doesn't come off clothes easily
-- if ever.

Of course, if it's hot, you may be glad of the short sleeves.
Can you make some real scratch marks, not just pin pricks?
That would make it easier to explain.  You could say you got
into a cat fight.

BEST: find someone who has some COMFREY plants,
and put a combination of a good antibiotic creme and the
juice from the leaves of that plant onto your arms, put some
plastic wrap around your arms to hold the mess in place,
and by the weekend, all will be healed up.  Comfrey has
alantoin in its leaves, which acts somewhat as an antibiotic,
but stimulates the immune system, but also, and most importantly,
promotes new cell growth.  I've seen some real miracles with this
stuff.  The dried comfrey leaves or roots you find in health food
stores is not nearly so powerful.  You can also buy comfrey creme
or creme with alantoin in it.  Melaleuca company makes a highly
refined tea tree oil which acts as an antibiotic and also promotes
healing, plus they make a creme called Moistursil, which contains
a little of their tea tree oil plus alantoin.  I sold some to a friend who
had psoriasis so bad (and for many years) that his hands and fingers
had open cracks all the time -- he is now healing up fast.
Some herbs are very powerful.

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