[Dixielandjazz] New Orleans "Strine"

David Richoux tubaman@batnet.com
Tue, 03 Sep 2002 09:05:25 -0700

Hi all,

The recent discussions on Strine reminded me of the comic strip done by New Orleans
writer/artist/historian/newspaper editor Bunny Matthews: "Vic 'n' Nat'ly"

"Vic 'n' Nat'ly" are a husband and wife who run a poor-boy sandwich shop in the
so-called Nint (9th) Ward of New Orleans (where the local accent is a almost
unintelligible mix of the deepest  Baltimore, Boston, Brooklyn, as well as Cajun and
other local accent influences)  I have several of his collected works and if you
read the strips exactly as written you sound just like some of these real colorful
local natives!

there don't seem to be any web examples of this strip but you can get a flavor of it


Dave Richoux