[Dixielandjazz] Mor strine

drjz drjz@bealenet.com
Tue, 03 Sep 2002 11:31:43 -0400

This from "The Oxford Companion to the English Language" - "Strine. A
non-technical word coined by Alistair Morrison, to represent an alleged
Australian pronunciation of 'Australian'. Written under the pseudonym of
Afferbeck Lauder ('Alphabetical Order') and as Professor of Strine
Studies at the University of Sinny (Sydney) Morrison published a series
of humorous articles in the 'Sydney Morning Herald', some of which were
later collected under the title of 'Let Stalk Strine' (Sydney, 1965)".
To John Farrell, "good on yer, mate", for reproducing the text of this
fascinating volume. I managed to decipher most of it, although "after a
proper butchers at some of it, I did 'ave to use me loaf a bit", to add
another dimension to this linguistic litter. Cheers.
Fred Spencer