[Dixielandjazz] Sid De Paris was JC Higginbotham

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Steve Wrote
> Gene Mayl wrote: (polite snip)
> "Another  sit-in was our friend, Sid DeParis, "
> Yeah, he is another under appreciated OKOMer. He could, and did blow
> most guys away.
Check out Sid on the Blue Note sessionsd from the mid 40s with Ed Hall Vic
Dickinson, Ben Webster, James P and Big Sid. They represent in my view, some
of his best work
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I do remember a loft session, however, where he and Roy
> Eldridge were in attendance. They got into a bit of a cutting session
> and Little Jazz just astounded everybody in that "friendly" competition.
> If you let him go last, Eldridge would just blow everybody away,
> including Dizzy Gillespie. Very competitive and always had something
> left no matter who he came up against.
> BTW as jazz musicians will tell the non-musicians, these cutting
> sessions were an integral part of one's jazz education. Part of the
> "dues".  Sad to say they seem no longer to exist. The competition and
> the camaraderie has dissappeared, along with the music.
> My favorite Eldridge story is circa the time he was a fixture at Jimmy
> Ryan's, (New York City) in his later years. A well meaning fan came up
> and said "Gee Roy, I didn't expect to see you here playing Dixieland".
> Eldridge smiled and said  "Man, I've being playing Dixieland all of my
> life."
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
> PS. Heard Gene Mayl's band at a PA Jazz Society function a few months
> ago. He's still got it.  Even some older lady groupies. :-)
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