[Dixielandjazz] Got Dem Blues

John Farrell dixielandjazz@ml.islandnet.com
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 04:29:49 +0100

An American friend is sending me a compilation CD and has asked me to put a
question to the list regarding one of the
tunes on it which is played by Turk Murphy. Quoting from his message :

"Please ask the dixielanders if anyone can shed some light on:
GOT DEM BLUES. As far as I can tell its first recorded performance came in
1953 on a Columbia jazz sampler ("I Like Jazz-Col LP JZ 1 ca 1953-54) That
album's liner notes say that the tune it is the earliest known blues and
dates from 1872.

When Bob Erdos publishes his Stomp Off catalog recaps, he insists on having
composer credits for as many tunes as can be determined. Dick Baker in
Virginia handles this difficult responsibility for Bob. Dick has a long list
of experts who can research the real toughies. Nobody has ever found
anything relating to this tune. Can anyone out there help?? (Needless to
say, Erdos'
catalogs provide marvelous research info because of Dick's efforts and

 Since Turk's version was issued, the tune has been done by: The Down Home
 (Stomp Off 1171), Smith/Tyle Frisco Syncopaters (SOS 1211) and The South
 Frisco JB (SOS 1307)"

All assistance will be gratefully acknowledged.

John Farrell