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Wed, 21 Aug 2002 18:39:56 -0500

Hey, Trad Jazz Fans - Passing on the latest Creole Dixieland Jazz Band 

Springfield, Missouri

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Greetings, Traditional Jazz Fans!

Sundays at Arris' Pizza are still the greatest. Thanks for packing the 
house every week. As always, we're there EVERY Sunday from 6:30 till 8:30 
playing America's music, traditional jazz! Don't forget to make a reservation, 
417-881-7260. Every Sunday except...

That's right. For the first Sunday night in our three years at Arris' we 
will not be playing Sunday, September 15. Why not? Because we've been invited 
to be the featured entertainment at the monthly meeting of the Hannibal 
Jazz Society in Hannibal, Missouri. We weighed the options and were just 
too excited about the opportunity to play for this prestigious group. Jerry 
Hoover is not able to make the gig that day but we're thrilled to announce 
that The New Red Onion Jazz Babies' own clarinetist, Steve Patke from Kansas 
City, will be playing with us on this concert. Hannibal, here we come on 
September 15! We're really looking forward to this concert to be held at 
the Hannibal Inn from 5 unitl 8 pm. Want to come to Arris' even though 
we won't be there? Don't bother. When Joe and Tani heard the band wasn't 
coming, they decided to CLOSE for the day and take all their employees 
to a Kansas City Chiefs game! We'll be back the following Sunday just like 
always. Thanks for your understanding. For those near Hannibal, we hope 
to see you there!

This Saturday, August 24, the band plays from 7 till 9 pm at Cruisin' USA 
Frozen Custard in Ozark. Come on out for a "cold one." On Monday (Labor 
Day), September 2 from 4 until 8 pm we're playing for Springfield's first-ever 
Ragtime Festival at Jefferson & Commercial, right by the south end of the 
100 year old Jefferson Street Footbridge. Billed as the "Ragtime Review", 
it will feature some greats including "Ragtime Bob" Darch and others. We've 
got what's developing into a busy fall. For details about other places 
to hear the band, check out our webpage at http://www.creolejazz.com.

Ward Kimball, the trombone player and leader of the infamous "Firehouse 
Five Plus Two" Dixieland band, passed away on July 8, 2002. He was 88. 
The Firehouse Five Plus Two was made up of animators from Disneyland who 
put together a good-time, rollicking traditional jazz band which made a 
big splash in the dixieland revival days of the fifties and sixties. The 
Sunday after Ward passed away, the Creole Band dedicated the evening's 
performance at Arris' Pizza to Ward and all he did for dixieland jazz by 
performing songs that the Firehouse band recorded. We did "My Cutey's Due 
at Two To Two", "Minnie The Mermaid", "South", "Floating Down That Ole 
Green River", "Peoria", and many more. What fun! Thanks, Ward!

We've really had some truly all-star musicians play with the Creole Band 
since our last email newsletter: Ned Wilkinson (trumpet and acoustic bass), 
Paul Von Adam (trumpet), Lee Smith (cornet), Jerry Hoover (clarinet, soprano 
sax), Will Binge (tenor sax & clarinet), Dick Turner (clarinet), Red Ormsbee 
(trombone), Harry Beckett (piano), Bob Loffler (tuba), Mike Marois (tuba), 
Robin Hendry (drums), Doug Hoover (drums), Carey Brown (drums), Jerry Haden 
(vocal), Jane Harvey (vocal), Steve Mann (vocal). Rudy Stretesky (vocal), 
Janie Peters (vocal), Steve Grimm (vocal) and Michele Sevryn (vocal).  
For a complete list of players who've played with the band one time or 
another, visit our web page at http://www.creolejazz.com.

Lately you have heard some new tunes (for us) like: "All By Myself" by 
Irving Berlin, "Do You Ever Think of Me?" by Earl Burtnett, and "Messin' 
Around" by Johnny St. Cyr. We've also played tunes like "Frogimore Rag", 
"Big Lip Blues", and "Everybody Loves My Baby" as well as some of the more 
standard stuff like "Muskrat Ramble", "Mississippi Mud", and "South Rampart 
Street Parade". Come out to Arris' Pizza and request your favorites every 
Sunday night (except Easter and the Super Bowl) from 6:30 till 8:30.

We hope you'll pass this email on to everyone in the Southwest Missouri 
area. Thanks again for supporting America's music - live, traditional, 
New Orleans-style Dixieland jazz!

"It's a treat to beat your feet"
The Creole Dixieland Jazz Band
Springfield, Missouri
Dave Gravatt
Live, hot, New Orleans-style Dixieland jazz from 6:30 till 8:30 every Sunday 
night (except Easter and the Super Bowl) at Arris' Pizza, 1332 E. Republic 
Road (between Fremont & National) in Springfield, Missouri. Call for a 
reservation - 417-881-7260.