[Dixielandjazz] Great trombone sounds reach Brazil

Tito Martino tmartino@terra.com.br
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 20:39:44 -0300

Hi Jim Beebe!

I'm proud to tell you and the DJML, I just found by chance and
immediately purchased at a CD dealer HERE IN SAO PAULO, your CD recorded
in 1990 with your Chicago Jazz and excellent clarinetist Franz Jackson.
Never heard of him. Still playing?

Good trumpet too, Bob Neighbor. The whole Band sounds hot like hell.
Finally I could listen to your trombone playing; have a live recording=20
from Jazz, Ltd. with Bechet, but it was not you on  'bone.  =20

Well, a trombone like that I am missing all the time down under here in
all my Bands. Only a dream!

Great tunes; who composed Huff & Puff,  and Southside?

Proud to be in this List with you.

Cheers and beers,=20

Tito Martino
clarinet, s.sax, a.sax,
Tito Martino Jazz Band
S=E3o Paulo  Brasil =20