[Dixielandjazz] Re:Bob Helms

G. William Oakley gwilliamoakley@earthlink.net
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 17:52:58 -0600

Just received this from Leon Oakley.  Thought it would be of interest.
G. William Oakley

"Hi Friends,

I did visit with Bob yesterday and the good news is he is as sharp, mentally
as ever. Full of humor and the doctor I talked with said he was off the
kidney dialysis equipment and is better than when first admitted to the
hospital. By the way ,it was he who dialed 911 when he felt that he couldn't
go on at home. He said he should have put himself in earlier....but he was
worried about Kay.

The bad news is that of course his cancer has done major damage to his
bladder and kidneys. while I was there they weighed him in at 117 lb. He is
very diminished in stature, but amazing in mental strength.

Please write him, or if possible visit him..if you do visit be prepared for
seeing him looking like a frail old guy, but remember he is one of the
strongest people that ever existed. He will do his best to assure you of
that fact. He may not be using his dentures..so pay attention.

   The address is: MARIN GENERAL HOSPITAL   Bob is on the third floor, room
# 3122. Just go in
                     250 Bon Air Road       the main entrance, look for the
elevator straight
                     Greenbrae, Ca. 94939   ahead and to the right, and up
to the third level.

It has been suggested that we might have someone collect letters, photos,
memories, from each of us, and someone with creative skills accumulated the
results in a scrapbook and present it to Bob while he is still able to
enjoy. Like being present for his own eulogies.

A nice thought from John Browne III, lawyer, board member, friend of Jazz,
for the S.F. Traditional Jazz Foundation.