[Dixielandjazz] Jerry Fuller

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Indeed he was with Teagarden Band, and fortunatly recorded with him. Jerry
is one of the quietest, nicest guys in the business. Of course, that comes
easy if you have nothing that needs bragging about...just is there for all
to hear and as good as it gets.
Don Ingle

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> > Jerry Fuller was from Santa Maria, CA, and studied with MA\atty Matlock
as a
> > young player. (He used to come down from SM to take his clarinet lesson
> > Matty's, and I would wait for his lesson to be over so I could go in and
> > get
> > my arranging lesson. We used to sit and talk with Matty and Lura in
> > between.
> > He worked with Jackie Coon, Jack Perciful, Ira Wesley, Gene Estes at the
> > Hangover Club in Hollywood in early 50's where I would catch him, and we
> > both used to sit in at the old Club 47 at times to learn from the good
> > players that sat in there most any night of the week.
> > Jerry worked with some good bands (Dukes and others,) but for some
> > he
> > didn't think he could make it in the biz and took up barbering. Moved to
> > Boston area and cut hair and gigged on the side. We were all the poorer
> > that, but to this day he's still one of the better clarinetists around,
> > with
> > a warm, woody sound and some fine lines in his  solos.
> > Last saw him at Sacro Fest when we sat on a street curb and drank
> > beer and talked about the times when we were, as Lura Mattlock called
> > "Matty's boys!"
> > Don Ingle
> >
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>   Indeed, Jerry Fuller is a great clarinetist and don't forget that he was
> with Jack Teagarden for a few years before he went with the Dukes.
>   Jim Beebe