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David W. Littlefield dwlit@cpcug.org
Sun, 11 Aug 2002 23:34:23 -0400

Jack Moser said his cassette and 2 CDs are still available. Cassette has Al
Straub on cornet--Straub is one of the tastiest players around, plays with
Bob Thulman's Last Chance Jazz Band. The 2 CDs have David Jellema.

"Jack Moser" <jmoser@downeast.net>

I really enjoy these albums. 

At 09:56 AM 8/11/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Re: New Traditional Jazz Band.
>They are from the D.C., Bethesda, Alexandria and Baltimore area. The cornet
>player is one of our own, though recently absent from the list, Dave Jelema.
>Dave, I am happy to say, caught the essence of Bix hanging around with the
>old Jack Pine Savages and the Sons of Bix, with Tom Pletcher giving him some
>tone influence  and I mentoring him in long tones, and lip
>flexibility/breathing etudes early on. A very fine talent that blossomed
>well, indeed. Neat little band -- I have their two CD's. Nice charts and
>fine solos. Davie's take on Lil Armstrong's "Two Dueces" is a beaut.
>Don Ingle
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>> The New Traditional Jazz Band performed at the Bix Festival in Davenport,
>> in 1999.  I greatly enjoyed their sets but have heard nothing of them
>> Anyone out there aware of where they are or if they are still active?  I
>> believe they were from the East and a lady banjo player was the co-leader.
>> Leo Michels,
>> Central IA. Trad Jazz Soc.
>> Des Moines, IA
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