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Re: New Traditional Jazz Band.
They are from the D.C., Bethesda, Alexandria and Baltimore area. The cornet
player is one of our own, though recently absent from the list, Dave Jelema.
Dave, I am happy to say, caught the essence of Bix hanging around with the
old Jack Pine Savages and the Sons of Bix, with Tom Pletcher giving him some
tone influence  and I mentoring him in long tones, and lip
flexibility/breathing etudes early on. A very fine talent that blossomed
well, indeed. Neat little band -- I have their two CD's. Nice charts and
fine solos. Davie's take on Lil Armstrong's "Two Dueces" is a beaut.
Don Ingle
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> The New Traditional Jazz Band performed at the Bix Festival in Davenport,
> in 1999.  I greatly enjoyed their sets but have heard nothing of them
> Anyone out there aware of where they are or if they are still active?  I
> believe they were from the East and a lady banjo player was the co-leader.
> Leo Michels,
> Central IA. Trad Jazz Soc.
> Des Moines, IA
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