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> <<  the music, "now you has Jazz and the others in high Society was all
>  recorded first and them mimicked on camera.  Many visual takes for camera
>  angles etc. >>

Pat Ladd wrote:

 > I realised, subconsciously, that of course it could not have been `just
> filmed` but I hadn`t considered recording first and then miming although I
> know that is often done. (Deborah Carr can`t sing, a succesfull mime in
> and I, and Kay Kendall couldn`t play trumpet like Kenny Baker, a less
> succesfull mime in `Genevieve`)
> As for the `many visual takes` is that not achieved by just having several
> cameras filming the same action simultaneously and then intercutting?
> That is the way I have organised amateur video shooting of an event,
> etc.That way if you have one camera running all the time there is a
> continuous soundtrack which can be played throughout varying camera shots.
Bob Ringwald chimes in:


Often in Television, there are 3 or 4 cameras taping simultaneously.  This
is commonly called a "Three camera show."  Even though now-a-days, often 4
cameras are used.

It can be done in TV because the TV screen is small.  And, not as much time
or care has to be taken with lighting, sound, props, makeup, etc.  Mistakes
can not very easily be seen on screen.  They often get by as cheaply as

In film, first of all, the screen is so much larger that much more care has
to be taken with all aspects, lighting, sound, props, location, etc.  Once
in a while (rarely) a 2nd camera is used but it really complicates things.
For instance, not only do you have to take care for the 2nd camera not to be
seen, any reflections or shadows also have to be watched for.

The recording quality of the music could not be captured on a sound stage
while filming is going on.  The instruments could not be mik'd properly,
etc.  As Jim said, the music is recorded first & then the sound track is
played while the musicians are pantomiming while being filmed.  Many takes
from many different camera angles are used.  ever time the camera is moved,
the lighting has to be changed.  Everything on the set has to be checked for
continuity.  If an actor was wearing a watch in the scene, tomorrow or the
next day when they do a close up, or a shot from a different angle, he has
to still be wearing that watch.

Often a Prop man has 3 of everything available, just in case.  It is much
cheaper in the long run to buy 3 watches for the show, even if only one gets
used because, it would be a whole lot more expensive to stop production
while someone goes out & tries to find a match for a watch that an actor has

I personally have seen filming go on for 2 days just to get 30 seconds of
finished film.

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