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Sat, 10 Aug 2002 04:17:24 EDT

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<<  the music, "now you has Jazz and the others in high Society was all 
 recorded first and them mimicked on camera.  Many visual takes for camera 
 angles etc. >>

Hi Jim,
I realised, subconsciously, that of course it could not have been `just 
filmed` but I hadn`t considered recording first and then miming although I 
know that is often done. (Deborah Carr can`t sing, a succesfull mime in King 
and I, and Kay Kendall couldn`t play trumpet like Kenny Baker, a less 
succesfull mime in `Genevieve`)

As for the `many visual takes` is that not achieved by just having several 
cameras filming the same action simultaneously and then intercutting?
That is the way I have organised amateur video shooting of an event, weddings 
etc.That way if you have one camera running all the time there is a 
continuous soundtrack which can be played throughout varying camera shots.

No doubt the professionals do it differently.