[Dixielandjazz] Marsalis concert

john Petters jpettjazz@btinternet.com
Wed, 7 Aug 2002 01:17:36 +0100

Louis said
> I really do think that we are now missing the point. Over the last weeks,
> listmates have been voicing their views on how to increase coverage of
> (for lack of a better name). Here we have a world class orchestra
> at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall, and being televised on BBC
 In my view the music played would not conform to the loose description of
OKOM. The orchestra was OK for what it did but lets not pretend that it was
playing OKOM with any conviction. If we are going to increase coverage of
OKOM then lets do it with the real music. As you well know Louis, there are
musicians we work with who are capable of doing it. After all, if you want
to encourage folk to listen to traditional jazz you don't play them Elton
John - or Dr John for that matter.

>The choice > of material covered the so-called "Swing" years... Goodman,
Ellington, Basie
> etc. In addition there were original compositions. Wasn't this what the
> pioneers did? play "standards" and "new/original" pieces.
The latin piece bore no resemblence to any of the above as far as I'm
concerned - thats not to knock it musically, its just that for me it did not
deliver what it promised.
> Anybodies view is subjective but I cannot stand by and hear good
> musicianship rubbished. .....People in Glass Houses.

I hope I haven't rubbished the musicianship of the band which was not the
intention. Anyway as far as I know people in glass houses should pull the
blinds before removing their trousers as dear old Spike would have said

John Petters
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