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Bill Gunter jazzboard@hotmail.com
Thu, 01 Aug 2002 09:22:26 +0000

Hi Charlie and all,

Charlie writeth . . .

>     Music, for example and to legitimize this thread, is conveyed by
>physical means, but the Idea of Music is not physical, does not proceed 
>the physical but only by means of the physical.

I think I gotta take issue with this position. The idea of music not being 
physical is like saying a beautiful rainbow and or sunset is not physical . 
. . The thought occurs to me that the relationship of frequencies (for 
example doubling a frequency produces an octave) to one another ultimately 
produces music as we know it from a western point of view. Music as a 
harmonious sound to our ears is a combination of frequencies which blend 
(just as sunsets are beautiful for the same reason).

I'm presently in an internet cafe in Edinburgh and wish I could spend more 
time developing this thesis but I'll amplify on it when I get back home.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill "Love Them Harmonics" Gunter

Mozart at age 4 was a
>physical kid; but where in the Heaven did his genius come from?  Kepler, 
>mathmetized the "music" of the spheres, the motion of planets (and showed
>they weren't spherical) had a mercenary private soldier father and a camp
>follower mother and no education.  His genius came from someplace.
>Charlie (the anti-Nominalist) Hooks
>PS to whomever complained about topics that may interest the writer but
>which have NO place on a jazz-oriented list, this message just in from your
>proctologist: they found your head.  [Oh, not really: I'm just being an 
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