[Dixielandjazz] A Simple Way To Define Our Kind Of Music

philwilking philwilking at cox.net
Tue Oct 30 16:34:51 EDT 2018

I think everyone is trying to explain rationally that which is inherently 

It is a far too common human trait that "You must believe as I believe" and 
"You must feel as I feel" in all but the tiniest detail, and thinking has no 
place in the situation.

And, even worse, if (someone else's) careful thought reveals my belief to be 
nonsense and my feelings to be foolish, then the thinker MUST be 
exterminated, because my feelings and thoughtless beliefs define who and 
what I am to me, and any threat to that must be expunged with whatever it 
takes to do it - up to and including nuclear weapons.

If anyone thinks I am indulging in hyperbole, read a little history. Look at 
what has happened, not what self-serving politicians (there's a redundancy!) 
have said.

Phil Wilking - K5MZF

Those who would exchange freedom for security
deserve neither freedom nor security. 

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