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Mon Oct 29 22:59:19 EDT 2018

Our friend Dan Spink says he wants to understand why his friends rave on. I have studied psychology and know a number of therapists these poor folk might consult? 
Of the  Rolling Stones I read that someone says, "I just love to watch them jump around the stage and yell all night long..." 
And of  Elton John (formerly Reginald von Softmaschine) somebody "couldn't hear most of his piano and singing  performance due to the screaming."

Dan says he really wants to understand this kind of "hot".

Sounds to me like a lot of people have been delivered a hotfoot, 
or perhaps there was a fire under the stage ... 

there is a wonderful record by the wonderful band of a wonderful drummer, the performance being concluded with the cry, "Chick can't dance, he got ants in his pants!"

failing which and taking ants out of pants, maybe the yelling and jumping meant things should have been stopped to let the agitated afflicted   p.....

Laughter I can understand, but there is music which makes me cry out etc.
 -- and it's not hot!

Robert R. Calder 
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