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Thu Oct 18 02:32:45 EDT 2018

As you wrote, the New Orleans Jazz Club is still going, after a fashion. The
only public activity is an open jam session 2-6 PM on the last Sunday of
each month. This of course may vary with conflicting holidays.

If anyone is in New Orleans then, bring your axe to Mo's Chalet, 3201 Houma
Blvd, Metairie, LA. 70006. This is one block south of Veterans Memorial
Boulevard and a few blocks east of Clearview Parkway, and public
transportation practically does not exist on Sunday. If you have them, bring
your dance shoes too, there is a hard wood dance floor.

Most of the usual players are in the "mature" generation group, but we are
beginning to get one or two younger people to participate. The tunes usually
are the same old standards on all the records, but we do occasionally
venture into lesser known King Oliver or Jelly Roll Morton land. We even
have been know to essay a dangerously modern Ellington/Strayhorn tune.

You are also correct about there being many good musicians in town for whom
there is little decent employment. Many non-natives seem to come here to
absorb some of the local musical culture, only to discover that earning
enough money at music to pay rent and to eat regularly is next to
impossible. So, unless you have another occupation at which to earn a
living, or you already know someone who can steer you to one of the few good
music jobs (that is: lock in the job before you leave home), don't come here
expecting your instrument to support you.

A "sad effect" of aging? Nonsense, with age has come a bit of wisdom. That
you are harder to please shows you have some ability to distinguish "dreck"
when you come across it.

Phil Wilking - K5MZF

"Only two things are infinite:
the Universe and Human Stupidity.
And I am not sure about the Former."
Albert Einstein

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From: Charles Suhor

Interesting report but bad news about the demise of the Sacramento Jazz
Jubilee and Traditional Jazz Society. I've been loosely tracking the New
Orleans Jazz Club since its origin in 1948, when I lived and played drums in
the city. The Club was an important group historically and it kept visible
for decades. It flagged when its publication,  The Second Line, became
irregular (a symptom, or than a cause?) and leadership didn't have the
energy to rev it up. The monthly jam sessions, though, are still going on. I
don't know about the quality of the music or the attendance, but as you say,
tons of cultural change have made a difference in just about everything.
Plenty of fine jazz players in all styles there today, not always well
employed, plus excellent and awful busker/trad groups and far more blue,
rock, and whatnot than I'd care to hear. Another sad effect of aging—I'm
harder to please. 

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