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I can't help Brian Geoghan with Wild Bill transcriptions, alas.Perhaps we could suggest he secure a piece of sturdy but not altogether excessively sturdy canvas?
As himself a thoroughly admirable cornetist, which was not to say somebody who started on revivalist cornet and then Armstronged himself into trumpet -- mostly playing trumpet he did from time to time as apt use cornet, and some beautiful sounds were recorded too from an alto horn at whose other end Humph was working - Humph could be eloquent regarding the special virtue and character of cornet-specific sounds.
Thus he was appreciative of the Mild side of the Davison some of whose recordings were collected on an LP entitled MILD & WILD. And also of the "Aunt Hagar's Blues" in which he described Bill's solo as 'tearing up a tent'! 

I remember the opening rip like I'd just heard it!And Bill's playing was such as to counter certain aspects of the stock string ensemble which generally puts me off (I bought the Charlie Shavers one because it was very cheap, not to mention the fact that the liner made no mention of the stringorchestra...).
I hope Gabriel likes Bill's music!Robert R. Calder
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