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Doc Cheatham subbed for Tony Pringle in the New Black Eagle Jazz Band a few times which gave me a nice opportunity to chat with him.  One of the  things he mentioned was his feeling that as long as one could stay healthy enough to keep practicing, you could keep playing.  Practice was key.  Even a short layoff can be hard to come back from as one ages.  He opined that this is what happened to Louis Armstrong.  He got too ill to practice and maintain his embouchure.


Ron L



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Well, you're younger than me, Bob - I'm seven weeks short of my 81st birthday, and I suspect many of us are round about the same age.  One of my heroes is Doc Cheatham, who played his last gig two days before he passed away at the age of 92; I'm still playing, but I'm not sure I'm going to make it that far!



On 17/07/18 19:17, Robert Loomis wrote:

I'm still kickin' and awaiting another 95- or 100-degree day here in lovely suburban Concord CA in the aptly named -- at least in summer -- Diablo Valley. Will be going to Bull Valley Roadhouse in Port Costa on Sunday with two friends and our younger grandson (if he's not working) for my 79th birthday.  


Where does that place me, age-wise, on this list? There must be somewhere I'm still young, even if only in cyberspace! ;^)

Bob Loomis
Concord CA


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Ross Anderson wrote:
No Mail for 4 days ??
Hope all is well with all list mates ??

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