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Wed Mar 22 19:00:57 EDT 2017

Do you like boogie woogie?  I certainly do.  There is something hypnotic
about it.  However, after a while one ceases to pay attention to details
and is hypnotized by the rhythm.
Most people know the boogie greats - Ammons, Lewis, Johnsn, Yancey and
perhaps Pine Top.  The there are the contemporary pianists, like Bill
Conroy in the States or the German Axel Zwingerberger and the Swiss Sylvan
Zing.  I don't know how popular the genre is in the States, but it must be
quite popular in Europe, since there are so many boogie players there
(including listmate Jacques Covo) .
I wonder how many listmates (Bill excluded) have ever heard of Derryck
Sampson.  He does not appear in Dlauny I had never heard of him before I
saw an LP of his in a Tel-Aviv second hand store.  In 1943-44, still a
teenager, he recorded a series of boogie woogie solos for Joe Davis' Beacon
label.  I was doubtful, but I bought it anyway (together with an Axel
Zwingerberger LP), and - wow!  Perhaps some of the common boogie woogie
pyrotechnics are missing, but in slow tempos Sampson creates the fantastic
momentum characteristic of Ammons and Lewis and, even more so, Jimmy
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