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I asked my good friend and namesake and Luis Russell, Higgy and Red Allen Fanatic Angus Calder about an archive in which he had some scholarly involvement, and he named the librarian responsible. 

I contacted her and it was a reasonable charge per page.  I said go ahead. 
There had hitherto been no advance mention of a general charge --this would have been about 1999 (allow for inflation)and if I had asked for two pages there was a charge of twenty-five pounds per order. 
Angus was aghast. The library apologised that there had been no advance mention of the standing single charge. 
They told me the copies had however been made. 
I said I didn't mind paying for these, without the vast overcharge. 
I gather there was a meeting, and the idea of what was thought of as cutting losses was generously made.I would not be charged the dozens of dollars demanded out of the blue. 

The copies came, items of whose precise importance I'd been unsure. 
Actually they were of little interest, but how does anybody find out anything accessible only by payment of a charge which paid researchers' institutions will be able easily to cover. 

At another place nearer home, a guy said he should check when I was looking for only one page. 
We did, I scribbled, and there was no need for paper to be wasted on invoices etc. 

But people looking after this or that literary or artistic executry who are silly enough to think it's best to be safe and deposit everything in a library where it will be safe, may find that it's so damned safe the author or composer could be your mother, or you could still be hers, and you would still have to OVERPAY.  
I am amazed how close this factual piece comes to one of the lengthy introductions of Marty Grosz, the noise in the street outside his house when the tank transporter arrived carrying the Assyrian stone tablets which alone afforded access to the really ancient ditties.
be like some of the younger folks?write your own tunes& chase away audiences with deadly dullness ?
Bah!Robert R. Calder 

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Today's Topics:

  1. New Orleans Wiggle - (Andrew Homzy)
  2. Count Basie - NPR (Robert Ringwald)


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Dear Members,

I?ve been pursuing another published band chart, "New Orleans Wiggle? - 1924. I love the rising melody of the verse.

The closest I was able to get is a piano solo version and a lead sheet - it is not very close to the recording (except for the Verse).

Then, I discovered a copy of the orchestration in the Special Collections Department, Mississippi State University Libraries. They post an image of the front cover - however, they wanted $10 per page - times 24 pages. 

Do you have any sources for this?

I?d be happy to pay $1 per page - but $250US is unreasonable. Most libraries & archives charge about $.25 per page -

Send me an email if you would like attachments to hear the recording and see the piano solo publication - attachments here are limited -



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What a band!


Bob Ringwald piano, Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet 
Fulton Street Jazz Band (Dixieland/Swing)
916/ 806-9551
Amateur (ham) Radio Station K6YBV

When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators. 
-P.J. O'Rourke
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