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Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Tue Jun 21 12:01:21 EDT 2016

Thanks to all the members that contacted me privately about the loss of our
trumpet player, Pepe.  It was a difficult time.  However, we had a gig two
days after his burial, and we played some very happy music!  A good way to
send a friend off!
We had our first encounter last Sunday nite with the Swing dancers crowd.
There are a number of dancing groups in Madrid, and they dance to live bands
from time to time.  Must have been a success as we have been just contracted
by another group for the 1st of July!
Interesting, playing for dancers.  They were very attentive to the band
(surprising!) and applauded crazily.  Very young crowd.  All well under the
age of 30.  Doing all the swing steps!  We, of course, held our tempos down,
and shortened our solos, etc.  Fun!
Our sub trumpet for the last 8 years is now with us.  A Russian kid who
plays up a storm.  More important...a real nice guy!
The music rolls on..........
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