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As many authors and bands have found over the years, cracking the American
market is not easy! I don't subscribe to any of the print newsletters
except the one for my local Jazz Society, and I don't recall seeing
anything about your book in that monthly publication. I do read everything
posted on DJML and on the somewhat related Facebook pages - the last time
you posted anything here about your book was apparently in 2015.

Book publicity is a very tricky thing - my mother published 4 books
(including one about a young Big Band trumpet player called "The Stardust
Kid" ) - she never sold a lot of them, but that is the way the industry
goes. It was almost optioned for a movie but there was a similar film being
produced starring Goldie Hawn at the time.

Maybe it was the title? Maybe it was the regionalism? I sure do not know.

I wish you luck on your book, I am not sure if I will be ordering a copy,
but I might.

David Richoux

On Fri, Dec 2, 2016 at 1:13 PM, Jack Mitchell <fjmitch at westnet.com.au>

> My book BLISTERED HEELS, on jazz and hot dance music in Australia in the
> twenties, has been reviewed by Nick Dellow in the latest (Autumn 2016)
> issue of VJM'S JAZZ & BLUES MART.
> This can be read for free on the VJM website.
> Although I have sold copies to jazz fans in Holland, Germany, France and
> Switzerland not one copy has been sold to an American. We know that most
> Americans are unaware or not interested in jazz played outside their own
> country but I did think there would be at least one interested in the
> spread of their music around the world. The book documents the Australian
> visits of more than one hundred American musicians who played, some for
> lengthy periods, in Australia in the twenties.
> Best wishes
> Jack Mitchell
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