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Jack Mitchell fjmitch at westnet.com.au
Fri Dec 2 16:13:05 EST 2016

My book BLISTERED HEELS, on jazz and hot dance music in Australia in the 
twenties, has been reviewed by Nick Dellow in the latest (Autumn 2016) 

This can be read for free on the VJM website.

Although I have sold copies to jazz fans in Holland, Germany, France and 
Switzerland not one copy has been sold to an American. We know that most 
Americans are unaware or not interested in jazz played outside their own 
country but I did think there would be at least one interested in the 
spread of their music around the world. The book documents the 
Australian visits of more than one hundred American musicians who 
played, some for lengthy periods, in Australia in the twenties.

Best wishes

Jack Mitchell

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