[Dixielandjazz] I seem to have accidentally bought a jazz club ...

Gary Lawrence Murphy garym at teledyn.com
Wed Jun 3 05:51:44 PDT 2015

Greetings gang,

well it is official, as if I didn't have already no free time, universal
forced beyond my control conspired to hurl me into the role of the owner of
a stage-equipped 80-seat restaurant in Owen Sound, Ontario of all places,
with another 80 seats in a rooftop patio under the stars, all of it right
in the very heart of the downtown, a stone's throw from the main banking

Long story short, last January this place defaulted on their lease-to-buy
and went up for sale way undervalue, I foolishly posted on facebook to say
"anyone want to start a jazz club" and received offers to help with the
business plan from as far afield as Kansas City and the UK, I found a
musician chef who can do New Orleans cooking, an amazing bartender and
expert servers who are in there right now painting the place in teals and
golds and there I was, standing in the doorway of my own club when a
drive-by photo shooting put me up on facebook!  Yikes.

facebook.com/avalonjazz for those of the mind to click through, and it is
already at 400+ Likes before the paint is dry!

and I have a favour to ask: the current washroom wallpaper is newspaper
funnies and I have two old beat up Downbeats that I thought I might
cannibalize to cut up and re-paper the walls, only two won't do it.  Would
anyone happen to have any old jazz magazines laying about that just never
made it to the recycle but should have?

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