[Dixielandjazz] FW: LP or CD?

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Tue Dec 30 03:36:18 PST 2014

Once again, I can never understand why it must be one OR the other!  There
are those who seem to like the cracks & pops of the LP, and others that
prefer the crispness of the CD.  

As someone who didn't get involved with sound engineering until I purchased
(& supplied as exclusive distributor in Spain)the first audio editor/hard
disk recorder on the professional market (back in 1986)...and later, owning
& distributing the first all digital audio console in the professional
world, I always vote for the clean sound of digital.  I still give technical
service to some 25 large format digital mixing consoles (AMS Neve) being
used all over Spain in broadcast & film mixing studios.  Before getting into
the technical end of the studio I worked as a session musician & producer in
Spanish studios, starting back when 12 tracks was a sensation!   

Those against digital will argue that it lacks warmth.  Other, myself
included, will argue that the "warmth" of analogue resides within the area
of the noise of the medium.  I would liken it to the "tump-tump" of a clean
bass over a "whooo-whooo" sounding bass loaded heavily with lots of bass on
it.  I like to hear the crispness in the digital vein as in the bass analogy
given here.

Nevertheless, it is still only an opinion & only expresses my likes and

On the idea of what young people are listening to, I am certainly not in
favor of the ear plug way of listening to music, nor am I an advocate of any
type of compression media such as mp3.  However, I do find that mp3 is
useful in sending off a quick demo by email, when a full blown version would
be too big to send.

I never, ever listen to music on my computer.  I can't listen to music while
doing something else.  I don't even listen to music while driving.  I either
listen to music without doing anything else, or I don't listen at all.
Listening, really listening, takes all of my attention.


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