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Wed Dec 24 12:26:49 PST 2014

Got it, Bill & Charlie..

Thanks for your friendship and contributions.  Merry-- you-know-what!


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In response to my admission that:
>> Unfortunately, when the 60s came along and that different generation
initiated 'Poetry and Jazz' sessions, they lost me.
>> Musical improvisation behind a poet's words is quite a different thing.

Charles Suhor wrote [in part]:

> I had a lot of fun using the latter approach. Between 1993-96 I produced
and performed in J&P at the Blind Pig in Urbana, Ill. I co-produced sessions
with students from Evanston High School at the 1996 conventions of  IAJE
(International Association of Jazz Educators) and NCTE (National Council of
Teachers of English) in Chicago.
Plus more...

Sorry Charlie,
In typical Haesler fashion, I certainly addressed the wrong musician with my
candid comment.
<big grin>
Very kind regards and a Happy Christmas,

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