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I've got the disk here.  I contributed some of the pictures.   Recordings
were done between 1981 and 1983.

Cherry (SWP 11-2--82) - Pilsbury piano, Don Kenny;bass, Peter Bullis;banjo,
Charlie Mazza;drums 

Kim, Black And Blue, (SWP 1-22-83) - Pilsbury:P, Don Kenny;Bass, Peter,
Bullis; Banjo or tenor guitar, Charlie Mazza; drums, Brian Ogilvie; clar or
ten sax, Dick Wetmore; cornet or violin

Piano Bench (SWP 4-12-83), Ragtime Nightingale (Mt. Gretna, 6-26-82)-
Pilsbury piano 

Riff For Pres (SWP 8-2--83)- Don Kenny;bass, Peter Bullis;banjo, Dave
Markel; drums, Brian Ogilvie; ten sax

Helena Street Breakdown (SWP 1-22-83) - Pilsbury piano, Don Kenny;bass,
Peter Bullis;banjo, Charlie Mazza;drums, Bian Ogilvie;clarinet

Nuages (1981 in Vancouver, BC)- Pilsbury;p, Eli Newberger;tuba, Don
Ogilvie;guitar, "Pam' Pameijer;drums, Brian Oglivie;clar and ten sax  

SWP = Sticky Wicket Pub, Hopkinton, MA, USA

Ron L'Herault

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Is there anybody who can supply the complete, exact details of the following
LP on Dirty Shame DSR1243:

Bob Pilsbury And More Friends : unknown personnel probably recorded c. 
Titles: Cherry / Kim / Piano Bench / Black And Blue / Riff For Pres / Helena
Street Breakdown / Nuages / Ragtime Nightingale / C Jam Blues.

Gerard Bielderman
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