[Dixielandjazz] Chris's friend / Paul Ferrara Profile on "Steppin' Out"-- New Orleans famous drummer dies

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Thanks to pianist Chris Saunders of Pensacola and New Orleans for this.  Sad
that I only learn about drummer Paul Ferrara on the occasion of his death.
See Chris's note about his association with Ferrara and others.  The
videoclip on Jazzonthetube is about 6 minutes.  It's an interview with
Ferrara, presumably  from one of the New Orleans TV stations.

For some of you not familiar with the New Orleans patois, there is a section
of New Orleans called the "Irish Channel"  This is about three blocks deep
along the Mississippi river.  Homes were built and occupied by immigrants so
they could walk to work along the docks.  So the Irish Channel speech sounds
just like that of Brooklyn, NY and for same reason-- immigrant cultural mix.
The accent is distinctive and certainly different from those who live in
other parts of the city and outside New Orleans proper.

Thanks, Chris......

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Hi from Chris / I'm truly very sad with today's notice of the death of Paul
Ferrara on Dec 3rd (see "jazz on the tube"). I played with Paul for many
years in the Rene Netto band and with Al Hirt on Bourbon St. Paul was with
Louis Prima on the Vegas Strip for many many years and it showed in his
playing. He had many Sinatra and show biz stories. I miss those days and the
players that made those gigs so memorable. Very sad indeed. 



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