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I tried responding to a post about Dan Rubio and My Iguana and failed so here I'll try again

If I recall correctly, (dangerous words) Danny, Barry Foulon on banjo and me started playing this at the Red Garter in Wildwood N.J. in the mid to later 1970's. We were playing with Joe Terra, washboard / crowd pleasing entertainer, and Mike Gallo as Al Jolson. The place had a thousand chairs and long straight aisles of narrow communal tables. Pitcher beer and peanuts. 
Danny wrote two songs around this time, "My Iguana" and "I Like New Orleans". "I like New Orleans" became the theme for a popular PBS cooking series. 
Now the faulty memory part. I believe that Danny and a friend out of New York, a "Your Fathers Mustache" club manager, were having a late night discussing the positive aspects of draft beer. Perhaps a series of them. I think the lyrics are a collaboration between these two. For the moment I'll stick with this. When I have the chance I'll talk to Danny about it. 
Barry still plays both these songs in the clubs of New Orleans.
Danny just became a grandfather this week!!
I can contact him. 
You can email me at. swyocum at gmail.com

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