[Dixielandjazz] Skimpy pay for musicians from Spotify and Pandora, for example

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Mon Jul 29 17:52:40 PDT 2013

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From: Norman


Two people pointed out my typographical error.


Meant to say the article pointed out meager pay for recording musicians from
streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora.  Regret the error. 


Norman, did you mean pay the artists?




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Subject: Paying The Piper: Music Streaming Services In Perspective


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Here's a long article about how little streaming services such as Spotify
and Pandora play artists for using their copyrighted material.  FYI.  Too
long to copy and send and the URL is also too long.

If you can't open it, and are REALLY interested, then go to NPR music and
find it yourself.  Best effort I can make here.




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