[Dixielandjazz] FW: OKOM And Its Place In 2013

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Mon Jul 8 02:30:22 PDT 2013

Bob wrote, in response to Mike's comments:

>Jim knows the situation over here and really wasn't bragging. just stating
what he is able to do over there. 

Actually, I have little contact with the States & the U.S.jazz scene, except
for DJML.  I have been able to gleam from the list that the audience tends
to be of an older age (see Bob's absolutely wonderful comment on this
below), tend to put things in a box (it's "correctly played jazz or not"),
and people in the U.S. are not out walking in downtown areas at nite
(something I see on the News channels).

Europe is different in that people are out on the streets (not just in their
cars, but walking!).  Young & old all blend together in the same
places...clubs, theaters, restaurants, bars (there's no concern about
age...everyone is welcome everywhere).  And, there is little preconception
about what jazz is.  

All these points make for a lively scene for a band that is willing to
entertain.  If you wish to play "your music for yourselves", then you will
not be hired!  

Our band has a continuing history of 45 years in Spain, so we do enjoy a
certain amount of notoriety.  We are all responsible, professional musicians
(4 Spaniards & a wayward Californian!), having worked for most our adult
lives as session musicians in the recording industry (every kind of music
imaginable + film & tv & touring).  All of that conributes to our being
booked into clubs quite regularly.

On top of that, we entertain!  Not with funny hats, but with good, vibrant
music. The audience gets 45 minutes of music during a 45 minute set.  No
standing around thinking about what the next song could be, or having a
little chat. 

I'm quite shocked by the amount of bands I see on YouTube with the front
line sitting down.  I couldn't pull it off sitting down in a million years.
Last nite I was at the opposite end of the club from the stage playing a
solo on "Shout 'Em Aunt Tillie" playing at a table that had been a bit
frantic in their talking (American tourists!).  I managed to get them to
quiet down & listen with that little trick, and could never pull that off
while sitting in a chair on the stage. 

Once again, I will mention how fortunate I feel to be in this atmosphere
where we can play the music we enjoy, and am just trying to present a more
positive tone to the jazz scene worldwide. 


Bob jokingly wrote that the ladies, after hearing him play, wanted to storm
the stage, but....
"Of course they couldn't because it was too high for their wheelchairs and

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