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Rick Zahniser zahniser99 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 07:54:09 PST 2013

When I was playing dance jobs in Kansas (forty years ago) one of the
band members said "People hear with their eyes" and I've thought that
appearance was important.
In Tucson, I played with a very successful country band.  We booked a
weekend at a place owned by Fritz McTarnahan, a famous rodeo cowboy.
After the first weekend, which was successful, he laid us off. The
leader asked why and Fritz said
"because you're a 'shirt band'."   We wore matching shirts and looked
nice but I kept that as valuable info.

When I was forming the Colorado Nighthawks, I was looking for vests
for the band.  I went into Good Will (thrift store). Hanging there
together were 15 matching vests, sort of a brocade pattern, all
different sizes.  (where from, I don't know)  I bought them for about
$30.   Next day, I went back and there were 15 more!!   I thought,
"It's a sign from God, he wants me to do this thing."   I bought them
and still have most of them.  --- I gave several to my son Tim, who
plays piano a couple of times a week and likes vests and funny hats.

The band wore white shirts, black pants & shoes, and these vests, and
looked great.  I was going to buy matching Bowlers, which Tim and I
own, and wear when we play Piano/banjo gigs.

We couldn't find a place to play but it wasn't because we didn't look
like a great jazz band.

Rick (Jolley) Zahniser
Colorado Nighthawks,
Good Time Music

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