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Here's Jimmy and Pam Rhodes on YouTube, "On The Wings Of A Dove"
Pam is


Go to 1 min,27 seconds and you'll see my all-time best friend from college
days, Jimmy Rhodes, who has always loved OKOM,  playing the organ, with a
trombone beside him for doubling
we gave our senior recital together

We were both in our first teaching jobs in S. California when we went to
hear Welk one Saturday night at the Steel Pier
Welk had Jimmy come on stage,
and let his organist, Jerry Burke, take a break the rest of the gig. 

Jimmy put himself through college playing at a  restaurant in Chattanooga
the Hammond with a piano to his right

For a month in 1965 Welk tried to hire Jimmy when Jerry Burke, his original
organist died, but Jimmy is a very staunch Seventh-Day Adventist
no dance
music, no gigs from Sundown Friday to Sundown Saturday
he didn't take the
job. Too bad
he fit Welk's mold to a T

"JERRY BURKE organist and pianist was born in Marshalltown, Iowa on July 26,
1911. Prior to joining Lawrence Welk's orchestra way back in 1934, he played
with the Bill Klitz and Harry Turner bands plus he also taught piano as
well. As a member of the Welk band for 31 years, until he lost his battle
with cancer on February 13, 1965....he played both the Novachord and Hammond
organs as well as the piano. He also released several solo albums on the
Brunswick, Coral and Dot record labels."

Go to 50 seconds



Now times have changed
SDA schools have swing bands and jazz bands
loves to come to California (he lives in Tenn. now) and sit in with Cell
Block 7 whenever he can


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