[Dixielandjazz] App for Organising Rehearsals

Allan Brown allanbrown at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Jan 20 06:49:39 PST 2013

Dear Listmates,

I remember (vaguely) that a while ago someone mentioned an app they'd developed to help musicians organise their diaries, I think with the capability to log miles travelled to gigs etc. I wonder if anyone can remind me of what it was exactly?

The reason why I'm asking is that a bass-player friend of mine was enquiring on another list if anyone knew of an app that helped musicians organise rehearsals. So as well as co-ordinating dates, times and availability of band-mates (I guess they'd all need to have the app) it would enable them to link to songs/ lead sheets etc. they are intending to rehearse on any given day etc.

Someone suggested 'doodle', to which he replied:

"thanks for your input everyone. We use doodle for scheduling already, but what I am looking for is something where we can not only maintain the dates but also link these to the songs we want to rehearse on that date, i.e. a combination of scheduling and document management --> is there a possibility to at least attach documents to doodle dates?" 

If anyone could point me to something they may know about that fits the bill, I'd appreciate it. 

On another topic altogether, there was a brief discussion about 'musescore' - some free notation software. I use a program called 'Harmony Assistant' - which isn't free, but very reasonably priced compared to Sibelius and Finale and from what I can deduce seems to do just about everything that the more expensive programs can. They're a French company but communicating with them in English is absolutely fine and their customer support is very efficient and helpful. There's a cheaper version called 'Melody Assistant' which is probably more than sufficient for most purposes, but just lacks a couple of facilities that make 'Harmony' that little bit more useful.

Many thanks,


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