[Dixielandjazz] A Full Portrait of Jazz Great Paul Whiteman

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Judy Eames replied to Marek's comment:
>> Paul Whiteman ... toured the British Isles in 1923 and Europe in 1926.

> Yes he was in the UK April 1926 at the Kit Kat club for an 8 week stint.  Give me a little time, for those interested there's a letter from him to the editor of the Melody Maker and other stuff which I'll get put on my website for anyone who's interested.

Dear Judy and Marek,
And there are recording sessions to prove it.

Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra
1 June 1923 at HMV, Hayes, Middlesex.
	Tell Me With A Melody

same. 21 July 1923
	The Merry Widow Waltz
	Just One More Chance 

11 April 1926
HMV recorded a public concert in the Royal Albert Hall, London.
(Mastered but unissued, unfortunately, due to recording quality.)
Performances included:
Mississippi Suite: Mardi Gras
St Louis Blues
Tiger Rag
Rhapsody In Blue
Lady Be Good
Yes Sir! That's My Baby
If You Knew Susie
Kitten On The Keys
and an untitled banjo solo by Mike Pingitore.  

The 1923 five-month stay in London included a musical revue and nightclub appearances.

The 1926 50-member tour commenced on 31 March and included London (Kit Kat Club, Tivoli Theatre and Albert Hall), Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Brighton and the Continent (Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris) and left Le Havre on 24 July.
More than you needed to know, but should help narrow down Judy's Melody Maker search.
Very kind regards,

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