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Fri Jan 18 13:23:24 PST 2013

Re: remarks by Patrick Skiffington  (perfect name for a washboard player, I might add)

Here's your tragic error of ways - -  it'll change everything for you guys if you just looked and acted older.  Tint your hair gray.  
Tint your beer to be bourbon colored, and drink if from a shot glass - -that will convince onlookers that you deserve the respect of well- aged and  experienced musicians.  Drinking a beer should take about 6-8 shots, after which, because you can still play well and not stagger will prove that you are well- seasoned. Toast the crowd with each shot,  which will amaze them aside from any playing ability. Crowds should increase as they come to watch your incredible alcoholic intake.    By the way, in the heyday, real musicians did it with the real stuff.  I'm of the age to have seen it. They're all dead of course. Something to do with the liver.

Now if you could just find a classier place than Stawhat Pizza.  Invite some young folks to tear up a dance floor. Challenge some old folks to dance a whole dance at your tempos. Give the winners a shot of your whiskey.

retired educator,
avocation: musician
I support growing old - - it beats the alternative.

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