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Mon Jan 14 15:40:01 PST 2013

Someone gave me a disc with several original Bob Crosby manuscript charts. My guess these were from the late 1940's. I am trying to identify all the players. There are player's names on some, but not all. For example on Loveless Love. Mattie Mattlock arranger.

First trumpet: Ray. Was that Ray Linn?
Second Trumpet Zeke. No doubt that was Zeke Zarchy.
Third trumpet: Charlie. Anybody know?
Alto Sax: no name on that part.
Clarinet: no name, but it had to have been Mattie.
Baritone: No name on the part.
Bass: No name. Bob Haggart?
Drums: No name. Ray Baduc?
Guitar: No name. No doubt it must have been Nappy Lamarre.
Bone 1: Ted. Any ideas?
Bone 2: Mac. Any idea?

Tom Loeb

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