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I'm going to post this on my site and on Facebook.  You're welcome to
pass it on to DJML.

Have Guitar will Travel

I was wary about air travel with my beloved Yaakov Hoter model ERG
Gypsy swing guitar after seeing various warnings about airlines and
about restrictions on bringing wooden products into the United States.
 Before flying with the guitar for the first time, I looked up airline
policy and U.S. customs regulations, both of which seemed okay.
Friends had contrary opinions, but I was convinced by one who travels
to the U.S. with a guitar and mandolin in gig bags, as hand luggage,
once or twice a year.  He said the air crews were always accommodating
and found a safe place for the instruments and that he had no problem
with customs.

Now, with some very positive experience of my own flying to the United
States a few times, with and without stops in Europe, as well as
flying from Tel Aviv to Eilat, I can confirm the advice of my
much-travelled friend.  Ground crews and flight crews on various
airlines have been helpful.  They often put the guitar in its soft bag
in a closet, but sometimes in an overhead bin, when it was clear
nothing else would go in with it.

The only reaction I got from customs officials was along the lines of
"Wow, you play the guitar."

I, for one, will continue to consider my guitar to be a welcome travel
companion (I even practiced quietly while waiting for hours in

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