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To: Ruth Byler Rena & Diane; DJML, Musicians & Jazzfans

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Got it.  Wishing Bob, Ruth and others well.  I have passed this along to my
Musicians and Jazzfans list and Dixieland Jazz Mailing List.  Certainly
appreciate that it is a burden to try to speak to so  many of Bob's friends.


Your advice is very well taken. Suggestion to friends:  drop Bob a note at
the hospital--address below.


Norman Vickers, Jazz Society of Pensacola.

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Hi everyone - This is Diane writing on behalf of my mother.   I wanted to
give you an update on my dad and also let you know that although my mother
appreciates all of the concern and calls, it is getting hard on her keep up
talking to everyone individually.  Therefore, I wanted to offer myself or my
sister Rena as a contact for updates.  As you know my mother is so nice and
kind to eveyone but she also needs her rest and has to stay on a eating
schedule to keep her blood sugar in line.


The best email for me is dianepasley at gmail.com and Rena is
rena.breeding at gamil.com.   My cell phone is 608-444-9831 and Rena's is
303-746-0840.   My borther Greg lives in Venice and is helping out as well
but thought I would offer us as the main contact for now as he will likely
be spending time helping my mother.


The update as of today is that Bob is still in ICU and they had to put the
tube back down his nose to drain his stomach.  There is a lot of fluid still
around his lungs and so they are going to do an ultra sounds and then via a
needle try and draw some of this fluid out.   They gave him another pint of
blood today.   He is awake and talking with my mother.  It is day by day and
your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.   


Again - I know you are concerned but I ask that if you do call my mother and
get a recorder, just let her know you are thinking about her and offer help
if needed but PLEASE don't obligate her to call you back.  If you do reach
her on the phone, please keep it brief as right now she has her hands full. 


Rena - Please add anything you want that I might have missed!  


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Bob had major surgery yesterday (Sunday)  He was totally infected inside.
Bladder had infectious tumers which were removed last Wed the 19th and he
was admitted. cat scans showed massave problems in the colan and he had to
be cleaned out before the colon surgery.  a foot of colan, a foot of the
small intestants , and his appendix were removed and the

infection cleaned out.  He survived the surgery and will be in ICU for 4
days or so.  The Dr said he would be in 

the Hospital another two weeks and then probably be sent to rehab.  Biopsys
will show if the infection cause is from diticulitis or chrones disease.


Venice Regional Medical Center

540 The  Rialto

Venice, FL 34235

Ph 941- 485-7711



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