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Jack Mitchell fjmitch at westnet.com.au
Mon Aug 12 21:15:47 PDT 2013

In January this year (I gather) there was a thread on this site re Paul 
Whiteman and his Orchestra's time in London in 1923 and 1926. Maryk posted a 
message and Bill Haesler listed Whiteman's recordings whilst in London.

In the Perth newspaper THE WEST AUSTRALIAN for November 8, 1927 is 
advertised a movie apparently called LONDON. Dorothy Gish is listed as one 
of the stars. Also "You'll see London's fashionable Night Clubs.  Paul 
Whiteman and his Jazz Band at the famous Kit Kat Club.  See the 
sensatational DANCE OF DEATH."

Dorothy Gish made two films in England - NELL GWYN in 1926 and MADAME 
POMPADOUR in 1927. It's probable that clips from one or other of those 
movies appeared in "LONDON" which might have been a pastiche from various 
sources. The Whiteman segment is probably from a newsreel - silent of 
course. Would still be of interest, though probably lost beyond recall. It's 
not mentioned in David Meeker's JAZZ IN THE MOVIES (first edotion.

I could find no mention of this film in the Sydney or Melbourne newspapers.

Best wishes

Jack Mitchell

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