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I'm forwarding this to my bro-in-law who is a friend and sometimes sideman
with Jim Cullum.  Maybe Something Will Happen [TM].

Jim Allen

On Sun, Aug 4, 2013 at 12:05 PM, Marek Boym <marekboym at gmail.com> wrote:

> A friend has lent me his old "Tailgate Ramblings."  Not that much there for
> people who were not members of the Potomac River Jazz Club.  Nevertheless,
> some interesting items turn up.  One of them - in the March 1988 issue - is
> Floyd Levin's rave review of Jim Cullum's rendition of Porgy and Bess,
> issued on a cassette.
> Levin says that the recording, in addition to being "very rewarding to jazz
> fans," would, "hopefully," be "revealing to opera fans as well."  I don't
> know about the latter, but it certainly is an absolutely fantastic
> recording!
> My friend Donna obtained that cassette many years ago, probably round that
> time.  Everybody loved it, and someone borrowed it and returned it after
> some time.  Whe she wanted to play it again, the case turned out to be
> empty!  Of course, it was not available in Israel anymore, but, when I went
> to England, I promised to search for it.  I went to the Oxford St. branch
> of HMV and looked for it.  Since I could not find it, I enquired with
> staff.  They checked on the computer, found that it was out of print, but
> also that they still should have a copy.  After some joint search it indeed
> di surface - on CD.  Still sounds great!  And since the original recording
> was apparently digital, the sound seems to be as good as the analogue
> version.  A pity it has not been reissued!
> Cheers
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