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no, it does not, it is not permitted access to finale or sibelius
files under the US laws that say file formats qualify for copyright
protection. the proprietary software companies do this so that you are
locked into their product by the weight of your old files, and that
means they aren't required to innovate to keep your attention.

it is somewhat possible to translate finale MUS and sibelius SIB files
into the open-standard MusicML format and then import that into
Musescore, but that format is not expressive enough to cover much more
than very basic scores.

We did try to warn everyone about these predatory practices of
proprietary software way back in 1982, but no one would listen to us,
and today, this is where we are.  Electronics, on the other hand,
quickly recognized the advantages of open standard interfaces that
begat a great blossoming of innovation and opportunity.

On 8/2/13, Mike Woitowicz <banjomusic at charter.net> wrote:
> There has been several messages over the last year or so regarding the free
> music scoring program "Musescore."
> I currently use Finale Printmusic, and have a hundred or so lead sheets and
> arrangements that I have put together. I am in the process of upgrading to a
> new computer and will have to either upgrade my "Finale" software or
> possibly use some freeware, such as Musescore.
> The question I have is "Does Musescore read "Finale" file types?" I went to
> the Musescore website and couldn't determine if it did.
> Does anyone on the list have experience with this issue?
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