[Dixielandjazz] Where the girls are.

Marek Boym marekboym at gmail.com
Thu May 24 09:36:50 PDT 2012

Hanibal in "The 'A' Team" aways said: "I like a plan that works."
What you suggest does work: young dancers fkock to places where jazz
is played for dancing!
On Saturday I am planning to attend a gig where, when the duo
(trumpet/piano) will seat out, a DJ will play swing (that's the real
thing, not "retro swing) for the dancers.

On 24 May 2012 03:57, Phil Wilking <arnold.wilking at earthlink.net> wrote:
> One thing which will get younger folks in is just what got their great-grandparents in in the 1920's while THEIR parents fulminated against the sinfulness of it all: play for couples' dancing with appropriate tempos and more than one rhythm.
> You have to get one or two pairs started to act as "trail-blazers," and find a place to play which has room for it, of course. But once the "younguns" rediscover the art of "polishing belt buckles," they'll come.
> Or, as I once described it to a teenage boy whose "Dancing? Me? Yuck!" reaction is typical: "Yeah, but with foxtrots and waltzes and such, you get to hold the girl - and even feel her up some - in public, AND her mother approves!"

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