[Dixielandjazz] Fwd: Fw: The "Boogie Woogie"

andy.ling at quantel.com andy.ling at quantel.com
Mon May 14 05:29:55 PDT 2012

Marek Boym wrote on 11/05/2012 21:54:53:

>    - *If you can take your eyes off her, the male dancer is super . . .
>    never moves his shoulders compared to what his feet and knees are 
>    And the top of his head stays at the same height no matter what.*

This clip has been mentioned before, but it is worth looking at again.
Especially as it made me investigate the dancing couple. They are
Maeva & William. They seem to have won loads of competitions. There is
more about them with some great videos of them dancing to plenty
of OKOM on their web site here...



Andy Ling

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