[Dixielandjazz] Kid Ory and Jimmie Noone

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Fri May 11 08:27:45 PDT 2012

In a recent posts these people were named:
>Mutt Carey (c) Kid Ory (tb) Joe Darensbourg (cl) Fred Washington (p) Bud
Scott (bj) Ed Garland (b) Charlie Blackwell (d) Standard Oil Schoolroom
broadcast, San Francisco, CA, April 1, 1945
    Creole Song (ko vcl)    
    Blues (#1) 
    High Society

Some of these guys were still in the Los Angeles area when I began showing
up at clubs as a kid.  I heard Mutt Carey & Kid Ory play at the tiny Beverly
Caverns (1959?), and around the same time, I played a set with Joe
Darensbourg at the L.A. Hot Jazz meeting.  These were meetings on Sundays
around noontime where any musician there would toss his name in a hat &
every half hour or so, a different band was formed from the hat.  

We always showed up as a band, the only young kids there, but no one played
"as a band" due to the required "in the hat" idea of mixing it up.
Therefore, I had the chance to play with Darensbourg.  Another name I
remember from those meetings was "Slow Drag" Pavageau on bass.
"Our band" was then Vince Saunder's South Frisco Jazz Band (from Huntington
Beach...not San Francisco!) of which I was one of the original members.

There is a possibility that I was there any given Sunday with Bob Ringwald
(at the Hot Jazz meetings), but neither of us remembers the other.  We were
just kids then, of course! He may have been there at a later date than
myself, though.

At the Beverly Caverns, Teddy Buckner reigned most of the time, interspersed
with the very vibrant FH5+2.

We were at a Coffee House in Seal Beach during that period with our band.
Good for me, as I was under 21, and no alcohol was served. It was 3 or 4
nites a week (can't remember now!).  The other nites of the week I was
usually found at the Beverly Caverns as a fan.  (No one checked ID's of
customers in those days!)

Just another name to mention...Johnny St. Cyr on banjo at a small club along
one of the beaches in the L.A. area.  I sat in with that band, but it wasn't
really my normal behavior at clubs, being just pleased to listen to the
bands.  I was invited one nite to play with Teddy, which was a real thrill
for a 19 yr old!

When our band got a job playing at the Honeybucket in about 1960, a beer
joint in Costa Mesa, California, I got ID'd by the cops & that was the end
of my playing there (being still under 21 yrs of age!).  I wanted to play my
horn and the Air Force was happy to give me a job!  I ended up in the Air
Force Band at nearby March Air Force Base (later being sent to Torrejon Air
Base in Madrid, Spain...which is another, much longer story!).   :>

Jim (still to this day in Madrid) Kash

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