[Dixielandjazz] Woody Allen - was - Israeli Jazz in NYC

Stephen G Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon May 7 20:24:22 PDT 2012

> Stephen G Barbone opined in the above thread:

>> Woodie Allen? Let's not forget that many on this list consider his  
>> music an embarrassment to jazz.
> Dear Steve,
> Really?
> How many DJMLers consider that?
> Or is it a small handful of our regular contributors out of a  
> membership that exceeds (as I recall) 600 members?
> Please do not include me in that off-the-cuff claim.
> *>)
> Very kind regards,

Dear Bill:

Not so off the cuff. No doubt you remember the Woody Allen thread of a  
year or two ago? Of those who posted opinions I believe there was an  
even split of those who enjoyed his playing and those who thought he  
was awful. Some felt they had been ripped off after paying the ticket  
price to see him in concert. Some musicians said he couldn't play at  
all. As usual, not too many people posted. Maybe 8 opinions or so. If  
that is typical of the total membership, and I don't see why it  
wouldn't be. then many dislike him.

Like you, I enjoy Woody Allen's band. While he is not as accomplished  
a musician as many members of the DJML, he draws a larger paying  
audience that any of them. And yes, no doubt, some go to see him as a  
personality and not for his playing. But so what. Paying audience is  
what it's all about.

I've seen him play a number of times and enjoyed the music each time.  
And I enjoy his band mates who are excellent musicians.

But we'll never find out how many on the DJML like or dislike him as a  
OKOM musician unless they speak up. Thus I stand by "many".,

Steve Barbone

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